City Surfer: Michael Kololyan

What the water gives me: The water gives me youth, excitement, challenges, and most of all pure enjoyment out there. The ocean can also be very therapeutic and allow to be free of any stress or anxiety while surfing. Definitely recommend trying it. (Thumbs up)

NY surfing love: I love how every beach is easily accessible by train (for the most part) and our tight knit community is very welcoming….. Hopefully. (Laughing)

NY surfing hate: The only thing that gets annoying out here is the lack and consistency of waves. But when the waves are good, they are GOOD.

Secret life, off water: What most people don't know about me is that I'm actually an undercover…. Kidding, there are no secrets in my life. However I do enjoy skateboarding, video editing, and getting creative to keep my mind fresh!

Sexy surf daydream: What the hell is a sexy surf daydream? Umm, perfect waves + Alana Blanchard?


The quiver: 5'8 SuperBRAND Vapor & 5'4 WRV Nugget

Surf style: My style represents how I skateboard, which is fast, creative, and original. 


On my playlist: As a big music lover, my playlist varies from all kinds of electronic music to classical rock. It's all about Dubstep these days. (Joking)

Flick pick: North Shore hands down. One of the funniest Hollywood surf moves to hit the shelves!

God and Monster: People who are respectful in and out of the water. Monsters are those agro folks who let everything get to them.

Confession: I'm 25 not 35 (Laughing)

Fun fact about me: Maintains a tan all year round. Be jealous!

Break politics: I'd say the lineup consists mostly of liberals, but lets keep politics out of the water..

Michael Kololyan_HurricaneArthur_140704

Online: @Kookmike [Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo]

Real life: Co-Owner Locals Surf School, Rockaway Beach, NY

Born, when/where: November 12th, 1989 in Rockaway Beach, NY

Now living: Rockaway Beach

First wave: Rockaway circa 1994