Surf NYC is a love letter to the city’s surfing culture, and the people who don’t let anything—crowded beaches, bitter conditions, nasty riptides—keep them from catching a wave. – Wired Magazine

Surfing in New York takes dedication - in winter when the waves are best the weather is brutal, in summer surfers compete with the crowds that flock to the beach beaches. Andreea Waters has documented the high and lows of urban surfing in Surf NYC. The Guardian 

Surf NYC is not your normal book of surf photos. It doesn't just capture the peak of the Empire State action...far more dominated by normal surfers, intersected with passionate first-person accounts. Waters may have come late to surfing and surf photography, but she does a better job capturing its diverse enormity than any sharpshooter focused on the best surfers and the best waves. 
 Eastern Surf Magazine

There is something primal about being a surfer in this part of the world. We tap into our hunter-gatherer state of mind. We risk almost anything just so we don't hear those famous words, "You should have been here an hour ago.."  Tyler Breuer

I felt the “jazz” when taking longer than normal to pass the pages of this inside rail to outer New York. Quirky enough, easily so, to catch imaginations of surfers or otherwise. New Yorkers have been known for decades as a pane unto themselves. The photo of the purple wetsuited surfer jogging by as another tries an ‘air’ in the background tweaks the norm of blacksuits and uncrowded surf usually seen in the magazines. Vividly abnormal, it murmurs strange breed these parts.  Derek Hynd

Surfing is maddening. Yin and yang to extremes. Towns and countries. Locals and Vals. Summertime zoos and lonesome winters. Solo side missions and Instagram blowouts. Fake aloha spirits and shakas that are really a punch in the face. Drop-ins and hassles and stink eyes. Closeouts, onshores, and black balls..  Tony Farmer

 Surf NYC Photography Book | Hard Cover | Size: 12" x 9" ; 136 pp ; 64 color photos | Published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. | Photo: Max Waters

Surf NYC Photography Book | Hard Cover | Size: 12" x 9" ; 136 pp ; 64 color photos | Published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. | Photo: Max Waters

 Andreea Waters, Photographer/Author Photo:  Yolanda Perez

Andreea Waters, Photographer/Author
Photo: Yolanda Perez

New York surfers are unique, they have a remarkable passion. Just like New York City, one of the most populous urban agglomerations and the culture capital of the world, the city surfer is everyone: men, women, pro surfers, artists, firefighters, and people of every ethnicity. It is a wealth of humanity and it is brilliant. 

It was a foggy, cold Friday in May when I discovered Rockaway Beach. Driving over the bridge onto the peninsula put me in another world. Surrounded by concrete, dark shadows and whispering winds, I wondered who surfs here. I still remember my first steps on the beach, looking at the surf break and surfers appearing through the fog. There was an energy that spoke to me, that day sparked my love affair between my lens, surfer and the ocean. 

On the beach everything is raw, uncontrolled, and spontaneous. The light changes constantly and every wave is different. The surfer is my art form, and the ride is their expression. It is a creative conversation, an exchange. As a photographer I chase the light. The surfers chase the ride. When all the variables line up, we share a perfect, fleeting moment. 

Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Andreea Waters discovered Rockaway Beach, NY, where her surf photography began, in spring 2012. Andreea's photographs capture the mood, atmosphere and art of surfing. She puts herself in the elements without reservation. When you least expect it she is on the beach, taking powerful and authentic photographs that represent timeless moments in New York surfing. 

Surf NYC Photography Book is a visual story by Photographer, Andreea Waters, a gift to surfers and celebration of ocean community, passion and New York surfer soul. New York surfing is mad. Breaks are hard to access, waves are inconsistent, winter (which produces the best waves) is brutal. Follow dedicated wave hunters to the end of the A-train and beyond and peek into this passionate way of life through authentic photography and several surfers’ personal journeys.

Surf NYC is featured in The Guardian, Wired Magazine, Gothamist, Slate, ONS Manual, Blonde Magazine, Westchester Magazine, surf/lifestyle/fashion industry networks and blogs. Surf NYC is currently sold world wide including book, lifestyle and gift stores, hotels and online such as Rizzoli Bookstore NYC, Barns & Noble, Amazon, Frank, Playland Motel and more.

Photography Shows/Galleries:

  • Permanent Collection | Museum of The City of New York, New York, NY 
  • Permanent Gallery | Julia B. Fee Sotheby's International Realty, Irvington, NY
  • Solo Exhibit & Surf NYC Book Launch | Picture Farm Gallery, Brooklyn, NY [2016] 
  • Two Person Photo Show: Surf NYC & Landscape is A Verb | Square Peg Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY [2016]
  • Group Show: Rising Waters, Photographs of Sandy | Museum of The City of New York, New York, NY [2014]
  • Photography Multimedia: Adventures Across The Seven Seas | Photoville NYC, Brooklyn, NY & Southampton Arts Center, Southampton, NY [2013]

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